Hello from the other side…..

Hello….from the other side of CRAZY.

(Sorry, I just love Adele.)

It’s been 8 weeks of CRAZY activity in the Basik home: another fabulous European Cruise, Thanksgiving, A college Graduation, my husband’s surgery and new Baha hearing Aid, Christmas, our 30th Anniversary, my birthday and a trip to DC in January to watch my precious nieces.


As you can see…well…I’ve been a little busy.

Here are a few random reflections.

1. Austria and Budapest are absolutely lovely and an Ama Waterways Cruise is the way to see it all in style, ease and comfort. What a fabulous trip!

This photo was taken in Budapest at the top of the amazing Cathedral, St. Stephens. We walked up 300 steps to get to the top and the view was worth it. (Notice my awesome leather bag purchased in Vienna at one of the Christmas Markets.)

Always a bag lady. 


Budapest in the evening as we cruised by.


2. Living in the same town with family is a rare and special blessing.

And since Thanksgiving this year was 75 degrees warm….we were flexible and ate outside.

(This Folding table that seats 10 from Costco was an awesome purchase!)


3. College goes by fast….really fast! Enjoy it.

If you didn’t read my post on becoming an empty nester  here you go.

And just like that, we are moving on to new excitement and new phases of life.

She graduated from Auburn in December and we closed another chapter. Last child to graduate.

War Eagle.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

4. Don’t take anything for granted. Like hearing.

Dan had surgery to receive an implant that allowed him to get the Baha Hearing Aid. He is deaf in one ear due to a noncancerous tumor but his hearing device (the Baha) now takes sound that happens on his left side (his deaf side) and sends it through his skull bone to the right side (his good ear) and he can now hear from both sides. WOW! Super exciting. Technology. Blessings. Thankful. (I refer to him now as my bionic man.)

And finally he has more gray hair than me. Ha! 🙂


5. Be selfless and don’t complain.

My first Christmas without my son in 26 years was different. I realized that with the blessing of an incredible, wonderful daughter-in-law comes the need to share. They were with us for Thanksgiving and went to her family for Christmas and as hard as that was, I totally get it. Time to adjust. Time to share.

She is such a gift to all of us.


So we spent Christmas with these two.

Yeah….they’re just a tad fun! 🙂

Love my girls.


I went to DC to watch my two precious nieces for a week while my brother-in-law and his wife went on a trip to Barcelona. A couple of my favorite people joined me for the weekend and this happened.

Ice Skating in Pentagon City


We WORE him out!


6.  What was I reminded of?  Making lunches mattered. Being a mom is VERY important and exhausting work, but truly the HIGHEST calling. Tuck them in at night. Read them the Bible. Put notes in their lunches. Do the little things. They matter. And enjoy these days young moms. They go by fast and you can never get them back.

Check out this incredible post on findingjoy.net on why being a mom is enough. And be encouraged. You are amazing!

And thanks for reading.

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