You can’t mess up God’s plans

“You can’t mess up God’s plans for your children.”

That is the most freeing truth I’ve ever heard.

I remember hearing “God has no grandchildren, they are all HIS children.”

We get the privilege as moms to participate in raising them but no matter what mistakes we make along the way or how many great things we may do, we need to remember they are ultimately HIS. There is the blessing of influence and the joy of impact but CONTROL is an illusion.

He decides. He controls. He created them and He will finish the job.

This was good news for me….the perfectionist. The one who always wanted to be super mom and do everything exactly right.

There is no perfect recipe to make them turn out the way we want.

What we can do is do our best, seek the Lord ourselves, teach them about salvation and the truths of the Word and continue to pray for them.


Do you wonder if you’re doing the right thing? Are you stressed and worried that you might be missing something vitally important? Remind yourself, in the midst of messed up flawed parenting, GRACE happens. (GRACE = (in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.)

I am so thankful for GRACE.

Maybe you actually think you are doing a pretty good job. Just wait. (I’m thinking of the many times God used my children to humble me.)

Prov. 16:18 “Pride cometh before the fall.”

The good news is we can let go and trust Him because He’s got them and He will do as He sees fit in their lives….no matter what we HAVE done or HAVEN’T done.

The pressure’s off.

DSC_0337My daughter recently shared with me a wonderful app called ECHO. It’s an app that you can use to set a certain time every day to pray for people. When I hear that little “ding” I look at my phone and it reminds me to pray for one of my children or my husband right then. You can even create specific prayers for each person.


Hey all you parents out there…..Be released. IT’S NOT UP TO YOU.

Stay on your knees but remember, THEY ARE HIS.

He is in control.


Psalm 46:10 “Be still and KNOW that I am God.”

~ Basik Thoughts ~

* Listed below are just a few ways to pray for your children. Replace “they” with your child’s name.*


~ That they would personally receive the free gift of salvation. That they would understand that there is nothing they can do (perform) to gain Heaven. It’s not about them. They need to trust that Jesus paid it ALL on the cross for their sin.

~ That they would know God loves them and that He is sovereign over every detail of their life – the good, the happy, the hard, the ugly.

~ That they would seek the Lord in prayer for daily guidance, connect with Godly friends and desire to please God over man.

~ That they would be humble, kind, selfless and givers.

~ That they would forgive easily and not judge.

~ That they would have no idols. That “the things on earth would grow strangely dim” in their eyes.

~ That they would recognize their sin, confess it and move forward.

~ That they would be readers of the Word and doers of the Word.

~ That they would be equally yoked and marry Godly spouses.

~ That they would live lives that honor the Lord in all areas….mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 “pray without ceasing”


Why do I blog?

One year ago I started my lifestyle blog.

The last couple months I’ve not only had writer’s block, but I’ve also been so crazy busy that I’ve had no time to sit down and put my thoughts together for any blogging at all. If you’re a blogger you’ve probably been there.

I decided to not put pressure on myself….. just let it ride for a while and enjoy all the blessings of the season.


Putting it aside made me reflect. Blogging takes a LOT of time, energy and effort. I began to wonder, why do I blog? I thought about that question for a while.

I had to remind myself.

I blog because I want to encourage women of all ages to be fabulous, to live each day to the fullest….to be themselves.

I blog because I want to tell others how much God loves them.


My blog is a creative outlet for me like painting or dressing or baking. Something about owning my own blog where I can share my ideas and discoveries is very satisfying and fun. It’s my sorta “all-in-one creative place.”

It’s a place where I can express who I am and what I love.

Like moments when God shows me His creation.




I blog because I love to cook and bake and share incredible recipes.

Like this AWESOME cake.



Sometimes I just want to share thoughts, ideas, books and stories that I think others might find helpful.


or where to find the BEST antiques ever!


It’s a place where I learn about myself and other people.


It’s a place where I can share my love of fashion and ways to put together a great looking outfit.


Something inspired you to start your blog. Maybe it’s your business. Maybe it’s just a hobby. Maybe you love to writeMaybe it’s a creative outlet.

Maybe it’s all of these and more.

Maybe you need to remind yourself what it was.

I recently read this blog by Ann Voskamp of “A Holy Experience” and she said this.

It was worth putting on a notecard on my desk.


What if your blog encourages even ONE person in some way, or teaches someone something or just makes someone smile?

Here are just a few that inspire me. She’s been blogging for over 10 years (she’s my blogging hero). She loves Jesus and every time I read her blog, I smile.

She’s extraordinary.

This adorable thing just started her own blog called “the girl with the curly hair.” She has a fresh and honest message for young girls.

She’s extraordinary.

And then there’s this one. She’s bold and so funny and share’s her faith in every blog. A VERY BASIK LIFE.

She’s extraordinary.

Lady K Blog is a fashion blog I really enjoy because not only is she super stylish, but she has an incredible heart too.

She’s also extraordinary.

So why do you blog?

HEY BLOGGER.  Just so you know……YOU ARE AMAZING!

Is your blog your outlet? Your special place? Your window into a world of thoughts and ideas to share?


Then keep on keeping on.

And whatever you do in life  ~ BE FABULOUS, BE INSPIRED & BE YOU ~


~ Basik Thoughts ~




Hello from the other side…..

Hello….from the other side of CRAZY.

(Sorry, I just love Adele.)

It’s been 8 weeks of CRAZY activity in the Basik home: another fabulous European Cruise, Thanksgiving, A college Graduation, my husband’s surgery and new Baha hearing Aid, Christmas, our 30th Anniversary, my birthday and a trip to DC in January to watch my precious nieces.


As you can see…well…I’ve been a little busy.

Here are a few random reflections.

1. Austria and Budapest are absolutely lovely and an Ama Waterways Cruise is the way to see it all in style, ease and comfort. What a fabulous trip!

This photo was taken in Budapest at the top of the amazing Cathedral, St. Stephens. We walked up 300 steps to get to the top and the view was worth it. (Notice my awesome leather bag purchased in Vienna at one of the Christmas Markets.)

Always a bag lady. 


Budapest in the evening as we cruised by.


2. Living in the same town with family is a rare and special blessing.

And since Thanksgiving this year was 75 degrees warm….we were flexible and ate outside.

(This Folding table that seats 10 from Costco was an awesome purchase!)


3. College goes by fast….really fast! Enjoy it.

If you didn’t read my post on becoming an empty nester  here you go.

And just like that, we are moving on to new excitement and new phases of life.

She graduated from Auburn in December and we closed another chapter. Last child to graduate.

War Eagle.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

4. Don’t take anything for granted. Like hearing.

Dan had surgery to receive an implant that allowed him to get the Baha Hearing Aid. He is deaf in one ear due to a noncancerous tumor but his hearing device (the Baha) now takes sound that happens on his left side (his deaf side) and sends it through his skull bone to the right side (his good ear) and he can now hear from both sides. WOW! Super exciting. Technology. Blessings. Thankful. (I refer to him now as my bionic man.)

And finally he has more gray hair than me. Ha! 🙂


5. Be selfless and don’t complain.

My first Christmas without my son in 26 years was different. I realized that with the blessing of an incredible, wonderful daughter-in-law comes the need to share. They were with us for Thanksgiving and went to her family for Christmas and as hard as that was, I totally get it. Time to adjust. Time to share.

She is such a gift to all of us.


So we spent Christmas with these two.

Yeah….they’re just a tad fun! 🙂

Love my girls.


I went to DC to watch my two precious nieces for a week while my brother-in-law and his wife went on a trip to Barcelona. A couple of my favorite people joined me for the weekend and this happened.

Ice Skating in Pentagon City


We WORE him out!


6.  What was I reminded of?  Making lunches mattered. Being a mom is VERY important and exhausting work, but truly the HIGHEST calling. Tuck them in at night. Read them the Bible. Put notes in their lunches. Do the little things. They matter. And enjoy these days young moms. They go by fast and you can never get them back.

Check out this incredible post on on why being a mom is enough. And be encouraged. You are amazing!

And thanks for reading.

Basik Thoughts






A Brown & White Thanksgiving Table

It’s almost here! The day we give THANKS for all of our blessings, eat turkey and enjoy our families around the table.

I do love to set a pretty table.

And this year I’ve started preparing early. If you saw this post, you know already that I decided recently to fill my favorite antique pitcher with cotton. And that simple idea is what spurred me on to do a brown and white themed Thanksgiving table.


I love my white plates from Crate & Barrel. They are so sleek and sturdy and after 3 years of pretty regular use I haven’t chipped one! Plus being square they have a contemporary feel which I love mixed in with my traditional look.

DSC_0329 (1)I didn’t have to go far to find something brown to put in my white vases and around the base of my antique pitcher….my front yard! I just cut some bushes and took the greenery down to my basement, found a can of dark brown Rustoleum Spray paint and sprayed them brown. I let them dry for a couple hours then placed them on my table and in my vases. Oh and by the way….those pretty white vases came from Hobby Lobby for $6.50each.  DSC_0336

I found the adorable ceramic pumpkins and salt/pepper holder you see at Greystone Antiques & Marketplace in Birmingham, AL. And the votive candle holders were actually part of my Christmas Decorations from last year. Brown place mats came from Home Goods.

DSC_0020 (1)

The thing I love about this table? Just take away the pumpkins and it remains a beautiful setting for any Fall/Winter dinner. Add some pretty little Christmas trees and ribbon around the vases and instantly it becomes a Christmas Tablescape! NEUTRAL = VERSATILE!



I decided to do a FANCY NAPKIN for this table and tie it off with some burlap twine. It was super easy because I watched a lovely man on a youtube video show me how and I have attached the video at the bottom of the post just for you!



And in case you want a lesson on where all that silverware should be placed, Liberty Tabletop has created this wonderful template as a guide on Dining Etiquette.

Click here to check it out:

Hopefully I have INSPIRED you to get creative with your THANKSGIVING table. And don’t forget to check out the video below. He’s adorable!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Basik Thoughts ~